Travelling to Linz and RISC in Hagenberg

Bus transportation between Linz and Hagenberg (price 7 Euro)

For RISC the station is Hagenberg i.Mkr. Ortsmitte 1.

For the hotels the station is Hagenberg i.Mkr. Softwarepark.

Restaurants in Hagenberg

  • Restaurant Park 7:00 – 01:00 every day (dinner on Sun, breakfast every day even for non-guests)
  • Burgerei 11-14 and 16-21 on Mon – Thu, 11-22 Fri, closed Sat, Sun (dinner but not on Sun)
  • San Telmo 11-13:30 Tue-Fri, 17-22 Sat, closed Sun, Mon (dinner but not on Sun, Mon)
  • Schlossrestaurant closed Mon, Tue, 10-22 Wed-Fri, closed Sat, 10-17 Sun (very early dinner on Sun, dinner Wed, Thu)
  • Lavinya Pizzeria & Kebap 11-14 and 17-20 Mon-Fri, closed Sat, Sun (dinner but not on Sun)
  • Gxunderia Bistro 11-13:30 Mon-Thu, closed Fri, Sat, Sun
  • Honeder Backstube 6-14 Mon-Fri, closed Sat, Sun (breakfast)
  • Gasthaus & Pub Dannerwirt (30 walk from dormitory) 10-22 Mon-Wed, closed Thu-Fri, 10-22 Sat, 9-15 Sun

Hotels in Hagenberg

Hotels in Hagenberg: limited pre-reserved rooms at special price for the participants at the conference, book as soon as possible using the registration page.

Sommerhaus Hotel Hagenberg

  • Only single rooms, 40 Euro / night, no breakfast.

Breakfast nearby at Honeder Backstube or at the restaurant of Park Hotel Hagenberg

Park Hotel Hagenberg link with breakfast

  • standard single or double room, 91 Euro/night,
  • business room 178 Euro /night
  • family room 124 Euro / night

Note that on Sunday evening the only dinner possibility is at Park Hotel Hagenberg.