Papers accepted for presentation

Symbolic Computation track

  • Denis Mironov and Gleb Koshevoy, F-polynomials and Newton polytopes
  • Kisun Lee, Stephen Melczer and Josip Smolčić, Homotopy Techniques for Analytic Combinatorics in Several Variables
  • Stephen Watt, Detecting Implicit Indeterminates in Symbolic Computation
  • Ali Kemal Uncu and James H. Davenport, Artificial Conflict Sampling for Real Satisfiability Problems
  • Zoltán Kovács, Christopher Brown, Tomas Recio and Robert Vajda, A web version of TARSKI, a system for computing with Tarski formulas and semialgebraic sets
  • Jan-Michael Holzinger and Robert Vajda, Extreme Points of the Unit Ball B4 in a Space of Real Polynomials of Degree at most Four with the Supremum Norm
  • Marc Moreno Maza and Haoze Yuan, Balanced Dense Multivariate Multiplication: The General Case

Numerical Computing track

  • Siyuan Deng, Gregory Reid and Zahra Mohammadi, Reduction of linear differential systems to involutive form by exploiting exact subsystems
  • Sampath Routu and Madhugnea Adabala, A Neural Network based approach to find solutions to diffusion equations

Logic and Programming track

  • Roderick Bloem, Vedad Hadžić, Martina Seidl and Ankit Shukla, FERPModels: A Certification Framework for Expansion-Based QBF Solving
  • Irene Hiess, Ludwig Kampel, Michael Wagner and Dimitris E. Simos, IPO-MAXSAT: The In-Parameter-Order Strategy combined with MaxSAT solving for Covering Array Generation
  • Alexander Lyaletski, Maslov’s Inverse Method and Favorable M-sequent Calculus

Distributed Computing track

  • Cojocaru Dragos, Proof of Computation
  • Eneia Nicolae Todoran, Quantitative Programming and Markov Decision Processes
  • Mario Reja, Empirical evaluation of LZW-Compressed Multiple Pattern Matching Algorithms

Theory of Computing track

  • Yannick Chevalier and Michael Rusinowitch, Deciding Whether two Codes Have the Same Ambiguities is in co-NP
  • Shashank Mehta and Mahesh Rajasree, On the bases of Z^n lattice
  • Saber Gholami and Hovhannes A. Harutyunyan, Fully-adaptive Model for Broadcasting with Universal Lists

Artificial Intelligence track

  • Adrian Groza and Áron Katona, Fact-checking with explanations
  • Andreea Dutulescu, Mihai Dascalu and Stefan Ruseti, Unsupervised Extractive Summarization with BERT
  • Eugen Croitoru and Theodor-Alexandru Vlad, Accelerating heuristic convergence on the “Evolution of Mona Lisa” problem by including image-centric mutation operators
  • Gabriel-Razvan Busuioc, Andrei Paraschiv and Mihai Dascalu, FB-RO-Offense – A Romanian Dataset and Baseline Models for detecting Offensive Language in Facebook Comments
  • Radu-Andrei Rosu, Mihaela-Elena Breaban and Henri Luchian, Exploring the potential of prototype-based soft-labels data distillation for imbalanced data classification
  • Andrei Dugaesescu and Adina-Magda Florea, Evaluation of Class Activation Methods for Understanding Image Classification Tasks
  • Darian Onchis, Codruta Istin and Eduard Hogea, Advantages of a neuro-symbolic solution for monitoring IT infrastructures alerts
  • Marco Radovancovici, Dan Cîmpianu, Darius Galis and Ciprian Pungila, Using N-Gram Variations in Static Analysis for Malware Detection
  • Mădălina Dicu, Laura Dioșan, Anca Andreica, Camelia Chira and Alin Cordoș, The Impact of Convolutional Neural Network Parameters in the Binary Classification of Mammograms
  • Victor Bogdan and Alin Brindusescu, Authors and Collaborator Groups Ranking Analysis on SYNASC using Centrality Measures
  • Andrei Chis and Ana-Maria Ghiran, Proof of Concept for a Roundtrip Engineering IS for the New Enterprise in the Industry 4.0 Era
  • Vasile Ionut Iga and Gheorghe Cosmin Silaghi, Building customized Named Entity Recognition models for specific process automation tasks
  • Zoltán Tasnádi and Noémi Gaskó, An Ant Colony Optimization Approach to the Densest $k$-Subgraph Problem
  • Bernhard Schenkenfelder and Sophie Kaltenleithner, Automatic Wound Assessment Using 2D Photos and Mapping onto Patient-specific 3D Models

Special Session for PhD Students

  • Octavian-Florin Maghiar, AlphaFold-based protein analysis pipeline
  • Ciprian-Mihai Ceaușescu and Bogdan Alexe, Cerebral Metastases Segmentation using Transfer Gliomas Learning and GrabCut
  • Alina Cărunta and Mihai Pleșu, Different approaches for biological strings
  • Mariya Bessonov, Ilia Ilmer, Tatiana Konstantinova, Alexey Ovchinnikov, Gleb Pogudin and Pedro Soto Accelerating Gröbner Basis Computation via Weighted Ordering in Parameter Identifiability of ODE Models
  • Bakkialakshmi. V.S and Sudalaimuthu T, Affective Computing analysis in Emotional Psychology using AMIGOS with Gaussian Expectation-Maximization model
  • Ciprian-Alin Simion, Reducing Adversarial Vulnerability Using GANs
  • Popoiu George, One side class SVM training methods for malware detection
  • Marilena Lupascu, Obfuscation Techniques Based on Random Strings Used in Malicious VBA Scripts
  • Dan-Gabriel Anton, Building a Machine Learning Model for Malware Detection from Ground Zero
  • Raul Urechiatu, Astronomical Object Detection Using Artificial Intelligence
  • Otilia Maria Muntean, Ciprian Pungilă and Viorel Negru, On Technical and Legislative Challenges for Blockchain-Focused Fraud Detection
  • Vladut-Gabriel Ghelbere, Todor Ivascu and Viorel Negru, Game Digger Creating an adaptive recommender system
  • Bogdan Butunoi and Viorel Negru, Data cleansing in Continuous Glucose Monitor time series

Special Session on Advances in Computational, Symbolic and Secure Algorithms for Permissioned and Permissionless Blockchains

  • Marco Radovancovici, Darius Galis and Ciprian Pungila A Practical Analysis of Techniques for Minting Genetic Information as NFTs in Blockchain Technology

Workshop on Agents for Complex Systems

  • Florin Dumitrescu, Adina-Magda Florea, Mihai Trascau and Alexandru Sorici, Intelligent Agent for Food Recognition in a Smart Fridge
  • Md Nahin Islam and Doina Logofatu, Machine Learning Models to Predict Soil Moisture for Irrigation Schedule

Workshop on Digital Image Processing for Medical and Automotive Industry

  • Guillermo Torres, Carles Sanchez and Debora Gil, Learning networks hyper-parameter using multi-objective optimization of statistical performance metrics
  • Alexandru Ionascu and Sebastian-Aurelian Stefaniga, Semi-Supervised Pipeline for Human Sprites Neural Rendering
  • Sorin Valcan and Mihail Gaianu, Eye Detection For Drivers Using Convolutional Neural Networks With Automatically Generated Ground Truth Data
  • Bogdan Budihala, Todor Ivascu and Sebastian Stefaniga, Motorage – Computer vision-based self-sufficient smart parking system
  • Cristina Laura Sîrbu, Georgiana Simion and Cătălin Daniel Căleanu, Improving the Diagnostic of Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging using Optical Flow for Lesion
  • Bogdan Sighencea, Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction Based on Tree Method using Graph Neural Networks
  • Toni-Andrei-Marian Florea, Andreea-Roxana Asofroniei and Sebastian-Aurelian Stefaniga, AI-based healthcare application for medical image processing and diagnosis prediction
  • Rotar Danut, Hardware-software co-design

Workshop on Natural Computing and Applications

  • Luka Jovanovic, Dijana Jovanovic, Milos Antonijevic, Miodrag Zivkovic, Nebojsa Budimirovic, Ivana Strumberger and Nebojsa Bacanin, The XGBoost Tuning by Improved Firefly Algorithm for Network Intrusion Detection
  • Catalin Stoean, Nebojsa Bacanin, Ruxandra Stoean, Leonard Ionescu, Cristian Alecsa, Mircea Hotoleanu, Miguel Atencia and Gonzalo Joya, On Using Perceptual Loss within the U-Net Architecture for the Semantic Inpainting of Textile Artefacts with Traditional Motifs
  • Roxana Sipos-Lascu and Laura-Silvia Dioșan, An Evaluation of Image Texture Descriptors and their Invariant Properties
  • Paul Cousin and Aude Maignan, Organic Structures Emerging From Bio-Inspired Graph-Rewriting Automata

Workshop on Symbolic Regression

  • Fabrício Olivetti De França, Symbolic Regression with augmented dataset using RuleFit
  • Fabrício Olivetti De França, Comparison of OLS and NLS to fit Transformation-Interaction-Rational expressions
  • David Piringer, Bernhard Bloder and Gabriel Kronberger, Steel Phase Kinetics Modeling using Symbolic Regression
  • Martin Steiger, Hans-Georg Brachtendorf and Gabriel Kronberger, Identification of Discrete Non-Linear Dynamics of a Radio-Frequency Power Amplifier Circuit using Symbolic Regression
  • Gabriel Kronberger, Local Optimization is Frequently Ill-conditioned in Genetic Programming for Symbolic Regression
  • Wolfgang Roland, Michael Kommenda and Gerald Berger-Weber, Application of Symbolic Regression in Polymer Processing

Workshop on Iterative Approximation of Fixed Points

  • Kifayat Ullah, A new class of nonlinear operators and fixed point convergence using K iteration process
  • Vasile Berinde and Ioan A. Rus, Quasi, enriched, and admissible perturbations for some classes of operators in the iterative approximation of fixed points
  • Paula Homorodan, Kannan and Bianchini fixed point theorems in partially ordered H-distance space
  • Vasile Berinde, Adrian Petrusel and Ioan A. Rus, On a Maruster problem in the iterative approximations of fixed points for demicontractive operators
  • Liviu-Ignat Socaciu, Weak Convergence Teorems for Inertial Krasnoselskii-Mann Iterations in the class of enriched nonexpansive operators in Hilbert Spaces
  • Madalina Moga and Radu Trusca, On some fixed point theorems for Ciric operators
  • Ioan Trifoi, Fixed points of multivalued b-enriched multivalued nonexpansive mappings and *-b-enriched nonexpansive mappings
  • Alexandra Marchis, Common fixed point theorems for enriched Jungck contractions in convex metric spaces
  • Mădălina Păcurar, Synchronous and Asynchronous cyclic contractions
  • Mariana Cufoian and Adriana Mitre, An integral type fixed point theorem