Distributed Computing

  • Topics
    • parallel and distributed algorithms for clouds, GPUs, HPC, P2P systems, autonomous systems. Work should focus on scheduling, scaling, load balancing, networks, fault-tolerance, gossip algorithms, energy saving
    • applications for parallel and distributed systems, including work on cross disciplinary (scientific) applications for grids/clouds, web applications, workflow platforms, network measurement tools, programming environments
    • architectures for parallel and distributed systems, including self-managing and autonomous systems, negotiation protocols, HPC on clouds, GPU processing, PaaS for (inter)cloud, brokering platforms, mobile computing
    • modelling of parallel and distributed systems including models on resources and networks, semantic representation, negotiation, social networks, trace management, simulators
    • any other topic deemed relevant to the field.
  • Chairs
    • Marc Frincu,  West University of Timisoara, Romania