Origami programming in E-origami system Eos

by Tetsuo Ida, University of Tsukuba, Japan

In this tutorial, we cover six topics:

  1. origami geometry,
  2. introduction to Orikoto language of Eos for origami programming
  3. geometric construction by Orikoto,
  4. automated geometric theorem proving,
  5. traditional origami practice,
  6. tools for visualization and geometric analyses.

We extensively use origami programming examples in Orikoto during the tutorial session and construct simple origami works with the participants. Furthermore, we verify the geometric properties of the created objects in a streamlined fashion. In Eos, we automatically save geometric data symbolically and share them with verifiers.

This tutorial aims to gain experience in computational origami and enjoy origami geometrically with symbolic computation whenever you have the necessary computing resources at hand. Origami is fun for all people!

We will prepare learning material for the tutorial on the home page of the Eos project.