Here is a map with some recommended hotels for you stay in Nancy. The better is to choose according to “social recommendation” (booking score, google score, etc.) and to take one in the center of Nancy, especially if you want to enjoy the Stanislas place in the evening.

To access the conference venue, the LORIA laboratory, you have two options with public transport:

  1. Take tram Tempo 1 (red T1) in the direction of Vandoeuvre-CHU;
    Get off at the “Callot” stop;
    Follow these instructions to reach the LORIA in a 10 minutes walk.

2. Take tram Tempo 3 (green T3) in the direction of Villers Campus Science;
Get off at the “UFR Staps” or the “Grande Corvée” stops;
The laboratory is a few min utes walk away on the left side of the road;
The T1 line has a higher frequency than the T3. A public transport route planner is available at this link.