Andrei Voronkov

Andrei Voronkov
The University of Manchester, UK

Title: EasyChair


 EasyChair started in 2002 as a small collection of scripts helping the author to organise submission and reviewing for the conferences LPAR and CADE. Since then it has served over 40,000 conferences and nearly 1,500,000 users. The system has over 290,000 lines of source code and automates paper submission, reviewing, proceedings generation, publishing, conference registration and conference programme generation. Several new modules are under development.

The design and architecture of every very large Web service is unique, and EasyChair is not an exception. This talk overviews design features of EasyChair, which may be interesting for the software engineering community:

  1. Highly agile development methodology
  2. Design centred around a small number of concepts
  3. Automatic generation of efficient and secure code
  4. An object caching technique eliminating mismatch between objects and relational data
  5. Server-side generation of client-side code
  6. Automation of code management
  7. Light-weight source code analysis
  8. Automatic generation of documentation
  9. Integrity constraint management

Nearly 50% of EasyChair code is now generated automatically. The high level of code management automation of EasyChair has allowed the author to increase the code size by around 50,000 lines in the last 12 months and also make the code easier to maintain and understand.