List of accepted papers

Symbolic Computation

Session 1:  Monday, 22 September (10:30-12:30)

  • David Wilson, Matthew England, Russell Bradford and James H. Davenport. Using the distribution of cells by dimension in a cylindrical algebraic decomposition
  • Aldo Gonzalez Lorenzo, Alexandra Bac, Jean-Luc Mari and Pedro Real Jurado. Homology cycle calculus based on graphs within images
  • David Jeffrey, Julia Jankowski and Junrui Hu. Branch Differences of Lambert W
  • Katarzyna Zając, Marcin Gąsiorek and Daniel Simson. On corank two edge-bipartite graphs and simply extended Euclidean diagrams
  • Tateaki Sasaki. Solving Parametric Sparse Linear Systems by Local Blocking, II
  • Benjamin Justus. Point Compression and Probabilistic Coordinate Recovery for Edwards Curves over Finite Field 

Logic and Programming

 Session 1: Monday, 22 September (14:40-16:20)

  • Sorin Stratulat. Implementing reasoning modules in implicit induction theorem provers
  • Christophe Mouilleron, Amine Najahi and Guillaume Revy. Automated Synthesis of Target-Dependent Programs for Polynomial Evaluation in Fixed-Point Arithmetic
  • Petru F. Mihancea, Edit Mercedes Mera-Batiz and Marius Minea. Guiding Random Test Generation for Intra-Class Dataflow Coverage
  • Sicun Gao, Soonho Kong and Edmund Clarke. Proof Generation from Delta-Decisions 

Session 2: Monday, 22 September (16:40-17:40)

  • Stefan Ciobaca. Reducing partial equivalence to partial correctness
  • Vlad Radulescu, Stefan Andrei and Albert Cheng. A Heuristic-Based Approach for Reducing the Power Consumption of Real-Time Embedded Systems
  • Simon Robillard. Catamorphism generation and fusion using Coq

Numerical Computing

Session 1: Tuesday, 23 September (10:10-12:10)

  • Dominique Michelucci, Arnaud Kubicki, Jean-Marc Cane, Hichem Barki and Sebti Foufou. Re-Parameterization Reduces Irreducible Systems
  • Marc Nicodème, Charles Dossal, Flavius Turcu and Yannick Berthoumieu. Local Lipschitz bounds for noise robustness in compressive sensing: two algorithms
  • Norbert Tihanyi. Fast method for locating peak vaules of the Riemann-zeta function on the critical line
  • Emanuel Florentin Olariu and Cristian Frasinaru. A lowest level rule push-relabel algorithm for sub-modular flows and matroid optimization
  • Srinivasarao Thota and Shiv Datt Kumar. Solution of Volterra integral equations by homotopy perturbation method via Laplace transform
  • Remus Daniel Ene, Vasile Marinca and Romeo Negrea. Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method for viscous boundary layer flow in unbounded domain

Session 2:  Tuesday, 23 September (14:40-15:40)

  • Paul Tarau. New Arithmetic Algorithms for Hereditarily Binary Natural Numbers
  • Petre Bazavan, Lucian Barbulescu and Paul Cefola. On the computation of Hansen Coefficients
  • Ivan Simecek, Daniel Langr and Jan Trdlička. Efficient Conversion of Large Sparse Matrices to Quadtree Format

Advances in the Theory of Computing

Session 1:  Tuesday, 23 September (16:00-17:00)

  • Michael Codish, Luís Cruz-Filipe and Peter Schneider-Kamp. The Quest for Optimal Sorting Networks: Efficient Generation of Two-Layer Prefixes
  • Robert W. McGrail, James Belk, Japheth Wood and Benjamin Fish. CSPs and Connectedness: P/NP Dichotomy for Idempotent, Right Quasigroups
  • Elena Ravve. Analyzing WMSOL Definable Properties on Sum-like Weighted Labeled Trees

Artificial Intelligence

Session 1: Wednesday, 24 September (10:10-12:10)

  • Bócsi Botond A., Hunor Sandor Jakab and Lehel Csato. Simulation Extrapolation Gaussian Processes for Input Noise Modeling
  • Daniel-Eugen Butoianu and Doru Todinca. Performance evaluation of fuzzy automata using VHDL simulation
  • Anca Marginean, Ioan Alfred Letia and Sergiu Zaporojan. Using domain specific hierachical good practice for ranking service composition
  • Yan Jin, Rong Qu and Jason Atkin. A Population-based Incremental Learning Method for Constrained Portfolio Optimisation
  • Adela-Maria Sirbu, Gabriela Czibula and Maria-Iuliana Bocicor. Dynamic clustering of gene expression data using a fuzzy approach
  • Dumitru Clementin Cercel and Stefan Trausan-Matu. Opinion Influence Analysis in Discussion Forum Threads

Session 2: Wednesday, 24 September (14:20-15:40)

  • Doina Cosovan, Mihai – Razvan Benchea and Dragos Gavrilut. A Practical Guide for Detecting JavaScript-based Malware using Hidden Markov Models and Linear Classifiers
  • Bartosz Papis and Andrzej Pacut. Multispace, dynamic, fixed-radius, all nearest neighbours problem
  • Andrei Ciortea, Olivier Boissier, Antoine Zimmermann and Adina Magda Florea. Open and Interoperable Socio-technical Networks
  • Adela-Maria Sirbu, Alexandrina Rogozan, Laura Diosan and Abdelaziz Bensrhair. Pedestrian recognition by using a kernel-based multi-modality approach

Session 3: Wednesday, 24 September (16:00-18:00)

  • Emilian Necula. Mining GPS data to learn driver’s route patterns
  • Călin-Adrian Popa. Enhanced Gradient Descent Algorithms for Complex-Valued Neural Networks
  • Marius Barat, Dumitru Bogdan Prelipcean and Dragos Gavrilut. A practical approach on cleaning-up large data sets
  • Corina Rotar. Central Dogma of Molecular Biology – paradigm in Natural Computing
  • Nicolae-Eugen Croitoru. High-Probability Mutation in Basic Genetic Algorithms
  • Adrian Groza, Irina Dragoste, Iulia Sincai and Ioana Jimborean. An ontology selection and ranking system based on analytical hierarchy process

Distributed Computing

Session 1: Thursday, 25 September (10:50-12:10)

  • Alexandru Butoi, Alexandru Stan and Gheorghe Cosmin Silaghi. Reliable management of virtualized resources using fault trees
  • Gabriel Ciobanu and Eneia Nicolae Todoran. Correct Metric Semantics for a Biologically-Inspired Formalism
  • Matteo Camilli, Carlo Bellettini, Lorenzo Capra and Mattia Monga. CTL Model Checking in the Cloud Using MapReduce

Session 2: Thursday, 25 September (13:10-14:30)

  • Elena Ravve. Views and Updates over Distributed Databases
  • Frederic Loulergue, Virginia Niculescu and Julien Tesson. Implementing Powerlists with Bulk Synchronous Parallel ML
  • Karunakar Reddy Bayyapu. Load scheduling in a cloud based massive video-storage environment